Raising the awareness of Miller Fisher Syndrome (MFS)

I was unlucky enough to contract Miller Fisher Syndrome from Campylobacter, a bacteria that causes food poisoning, back in 2004 which turned out to be the worse time in my life.

Often preceded by a viral infection Miller Fisher Syndrome is a very rare nerve disease which is considered to be a variant of Guillain-Barré Syndrome although less common.

Symptoms that usually occur are:

  • abnormal muscle coordination
  • paralysis of eye muscles causing obscured vision and sensitivity to light
  • absence of the tendon reflexes
  • respiratory problems

Fortunately treatment is available and in most cases the prognosis is good with recovery starting two to four weeks from when the symptoms started and may be complete within six months.

Guillain-Barré syndrome is a disorder in which the body's immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system.

There seems to be little awareness and general knowledge about Miller Fisher Syndrome so I decided to have this website published to increase the awareness of MFS, to show others that they are not alone in dealing with MFS and also to share my story with an account of the following:

  • the period leading up to contracting MFS
  • the first signs of something being wrong
  • my time in hospital
  • my recovery at home
  • the effect it had on me in the years after

A very big thanks to others who have given permission to have their own stories of Miller Fisher published on this website. From the emails we receive it is obvious that these stories offer some kind of 'not feeling alone' in dealing with MFS for sufferers and their families.

By reading these stories you will discover that there is hope for Miller Fisher Syndrome suffers at a time when you think there is not.

For information about Miller Fisher Syndrome, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Campylobacter and Safety With Food please refer to the Links page on this website.

Please Note:

We are no longer able to accept articles for publication on this website.

We are not a team of doctors and so are unable to offer medical advice. If you have or suspect you have Miller Fisher please contact a medical professional for advice without delay.