Collette’s Story

I had Miller Fisher in 2006. I started feeling unwell from later 2005 with cold after cold, chest infection, throat infection and the Doctor said it was all in my head. In April 2006, I had the flu.

Two weeks later I found that I was walking to one side and did not feel as though I could walk in a straight line. Later that day, I found that my left side felt weak and slightly tingly. After work I took myself to A&E as I knew something was not right. They sent me home with antidepressants and sleeping tablets as they repeated what my GP had said that it was all in my head.

Two days later, I started with slurred speech. The next day, I started with mild double vision, the next day my balance went, I could hardly walk and my eyesight went worse.

So much so, I could hardly see anything as the double vision was so bad. My husband took me to A&E and this time, after about 5/6 hours, they kept me in saying it may be MS. They kept me in and a Neurologist came to see me and diagnosed MF.

I had numerous tests including a lumbar puncture to confirm the diagnosis. I was told I would be in hospital between four to six weeks and off work for up to six months. I couldn't stand at this point. I had no balance or reflexes whatsoever. My sight was worse and my breathing was starting to trouble me. They monitored me for my breathing every 3 hours. I was on a drip for 3 hours in the evening and during this time my stats were taken every 30 minutes. I was on the drip for one week and in hospital for a further week before being allowed home. My neuro symptoms were improving and after neurophysio my nerves were about 70/80% back to normal.

I started to improve over the next couple of weeks so much so I went back to work after one month, only part time and after another month, back in work full time.

I panic about getting this again as although i have been told that I have a 3% chance of getting this again, only a very small %, I do panic every time I get a cold. I have had to fight to be able to get the flu jab as I could get it again if I get the flu. I am now allowed to get this. It does not stop me from panicking.