Yianni's Story

On 18 March 2012, I was submitted at first aid at Larnaca hospital, and after several questions about how I felt, the doctor asked for an x-ray and scan.

The doctors first suspected a stroke, then they rejected this, they thought of Guillain-Barré, the sypmtoms were not at the right part of body, mine were from top to bottom (guelen should be from bottom to top).

Earlier than 18 March I had some cold and stayed home, went to the doctor and had some cough syrup and antivirus. When I started to feel numbness in my hands and arm, at first I thought it was weakness from my cold, but as they continued to expand to my shoulders I decided to go to the hospital.

The doctors at the hospital decided to admit me for further examination and diagnosis, on the next day they made an MRI examination and it was prognosed that it was not a stroke or Guillain-Barré, it was defently MFS. I was sent to a neurological institute where it was confirmed by the neurologist professor, I was taken back to the hospital and admited in the intensive care unit as a precaution for any respiratory problem, also they started to give me a medicine for the immunity cell weakness I had some 14 bottles of 50 ml every day for 5 days, all with injection as I had problem with swallowing.

Two weeks later I was sent home and now I am on physiotherapy treatment two days a week. I still feel the numbness in my hands and fingers. But am optimistic that it will go in few weeks time.